Recent projects

Ebay Node.js Api

A simple Node.js wrapper for all eBay API's
Node JSeBay APISdk

Covid-19 Dashboard - India

Real Time Visualization of India's COVID-19 cases based on state and district wise on daily basis.

Lasso Analyzer

📊 Tool to visualize size of Lasso js output files with a treemap. We can easily catch the large and duplicate modules upfront and optimize it to reduce the bundle size.

Ebay Oauth Node.js Client

eBay's Official Node.js module to generate an OAuth token that can be used to call the eBay Developer REST APIs.
Node JSeBay APIOauth2Sdk

Virtugo - Travel Web App

This project is to develop a travel planner system, which describes about the climatic conditions, interesting places to visit, top hotels in the area and some additional features like travel reminders depending on the user’s destination. I have used Angular JS and Spring Boot
JavaAngular JSSpring Bootwebapp

Web Performance Budget

⚡️Articles, Websites, Tools and Case Studies to implement performance budget to a website.